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Daniel Leigh has been a performer/songwriter/musician since the young age of 14. Throughout his career in music, Daniel has performed and tasted many musical genres, such as soul, stage, and hard rock.

Known to most as the front man for London based rock bands New Device and Jordan Red. Daniel has now decided to branch out, exploring the diverse paths of his solo career. Drawing inspiration from almost every facet of musical genre, Daniel Leigh writes, records and performs music which he feels is true to his personality and life experience. There is a distinct contrast between his work in New Device and his solo compositions, with Electronic drum beats, clean and acoustic guitars, and rich, colourful melodies. His intriguing collection is without a doubt primarily driven through powerful vocals, giving this exciting new project a genuine and honest feel.

Through his music, Daniel Leigh is presented ‘stripped bare’, exposing a deeply personal and natural central core. Debut EP ‘My Little Eye’ was released in 2012 to rave reviews and new music is coming October this year.




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For Better Days

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To Chill or Upskill…

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