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17 November 2020
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Calibrating Creativity

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Creating content and staying creative is sometimes so easy for me that I wonder why on earth I ever felt like I had writer’s block that one time….and that other time…..and oh….yeah….that time where I couldn’t even pick up a guitar and when I was so swamped with-you get the idea.  

My point is, I suppose, that a creative mind needs to be managed. Creatives in a company need to be managed. The right side of the brain needs the left side of the brain to keep it in check.  

Even now as I type this up in a way that I hope keeps you, the reader engaged I can see a pile of receipts in my peripherals that need to be tallied up and accounted for.  

We all get told about the importance of having a “work-life balance”, wherein we don’t get swallowed up by our mundane jobs and make sure we give time to the things we really care about, such as hobbies, friends, family etc. Being involved in an industry that requires you to be creative and often smile though your heart may be broken requires some careful calibration.  

I now find myself in a situation where creative time is planned. When I look at my daily diary and I see “song writing 3:30-5:30” or “artwork design 11:00-12:00”, I know that my brain is going to have to shift into a very different gear from “WORKOUT 10:00-11:00!”  

The romantic notion that all great works of art have come from divine, unexplained and unplanned flashes of inspiration when the artist least expected it is very nice-and let me be clear, this does happen and has happened to me on numerous occasions. However, when I look at the records on my wall and I think about how they came together, there were months and months of serious and CONSCIOUS efforts to “get sh*it done!” There was no “I’m not feeling inspired today” or “I feel tired, let’s watch a movie”, we just had to get on with it.  

Turning on creativity becomes a skill I hear many creatives talk about. It has also been the norm for hundreds and hundreds of years. When Michelangelo was commissioned for the Sistine Chapel, inspiration or no, he had to get the job done. With it being a skill which is honed, it certainly helps to know what aids your inspiration. Some work best with their favourite music blaring out. Some prefer total silence. I am inspired by guitars. Place a guitar in my hands and my fingers just move. I am also inspired by working with others. Working with the talented individuals that I have been blessed with throughout my career has enabled me to draw on and discover parts of my creative mind that would have remained dormant otherwise.  

So to conclude, don’t wait for life to inspire you for that next “great adventure” or that “next masterpiece”, go out and search for it. Tap into your creative side and demand that life inspires you!  


  • Lyn Ison

    November 17, 2020 (23:21) Reply

    Another insightful and inspiring read, thank you, Dan. Your ethos reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Pablo Picasso:

    ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’

    You’re in good company xxx

  • Nicky/Monique

    January 23, 2021 (00:52) Reply

    I’ve just gotten around to reading your words on your website Daniel and cannot believe how much insight you appear to have in everything you do and come into contact with, through your creative journey.

    Have you engaged in any writing courses in your past?

    You write with such fluidity and make me want to write again myself.

    Great website! You’re very inspiring Daniel, you’re truly very special. x

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