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Calibrating Creativity

Creating content and staying creative is sometimes so easy for me that I wonder why on earth I ever felt like I had writer’s block that one time….and that other [...]

To Chill or Upskill…

When we get what are largely referred to as "wake-up calls", there are a number of ways in which we tend to respond to them. Either we listen to the [...]

On Writing – Part 1

Writing music and lyrics is always something that I have been drawn to. Even before I could play an instrument, I was writing "alternate lyrics" to my favourite songs. This [...]

Why I Like Lady Gaga!

I'm always sceptical when a new "pop princess" is born. Lady GaGa was no exception to the rule. I contemplated her longevity and quality of her music over time. In [...]

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome! For those who don't know me, my name is Daniel Leigh and I am a singer and performer. I sing in a number of bands including New Device and [...]