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4 September 2020
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On Writing – Part 1

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Writing music and lyrics is always something that I have been drawn to. Even before I could play an instrument, I was writing “alternate lyrics” to my favourite songs. This taught me a great deal about the “restrictions” there were in song writing. There were often, and still are words or phrases I desperately want to use in my songs but for numerous reasons they do not fit with the rhythm, the words are “weak” or don’t have the bite they need.

Embarking on writing a new solo record is not something I thought I would do for some time if I am perfectly honest. Playing solo during lockdown made writing my own record make a lot more sense. For many of us, lockdown has been a time of reflection amongst the confusion and anxiety that has been thrust upon us in the recent months. I have shied away from writing my own material because of the introspective nature it often brings with it. Certain challenges I faced over the past two years were too painful to even think about, let alone write about.

I was asked if I had writer’s block last year. When I thought about it, I couldn’t say that this was the case. I didn’t have a block but I did have “writer’s fear”. I was not in a place where I felt that I could confront a great deal of what I had been through. Stepping back into that place was a scary thing. I was getting better in myself and overcoming the bad, so reminding myself of that time made me concerned that I would slip back there. This was unusual for me as a writer. I have not often done this but I know why I was so reluctant to write alone.

Live-streaming every weeknight has been a genuine pleasure. It allowed New Device this ability to promote our new EP “Karōshi” and release it rather than postpone. After Karōshi was released by New Device, I was still being asked to play songs from my first solo record “My Little Eye”. Let me say, that I love this record in a way that makes me feel very humbled and fortunate. I am however in a different place in  my life than I was back then and see the record as a snapshot of where I was then as a songwriter.

During the time of lockdown I have kept myself in check by giving myself as many challenges as possible. Writing a new solo record amongst everything else I was doing seemed to be a good fire to light under myself and holding myself to writing a song a week until pre production time seemed like an exciting task too. Holding myself accountable to the viewers on my live-streams by playing them these new songs was also never something I had done before. I get very nervous about bringing new work – let alone UNFINISHED work into the public domain but it makes me take a critical eye to my songs in a very different way.

As I sit here contemplating the realms of songwriting, I think it has dawned on me that I could rattle on about this topic for days if given the chance! I will end this blog here and name this blog post “On Writing – 1”. Stay frosty!

If you would like a bit of an insight into what my writing sessions sound/look like follow me on Twitch where I stream when I’m writing https://www.twitch.tv/danielleighmusic


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