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27 September 2020
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To Chill or Upskill…

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When we get what are largely referred to as “wake-up calls”, there are a number of ways in which we tend to respond to them. Either we listen to the bell alarm and get up and deal with it…..or we bury our heads in the sand, ignore it and blame outside circumstances or people for the abrupt or rude awakening.

This strange time has been a curve ball for the entire world, (despite historical timelines suggesting that we are due a pandemic in one form or another.) I do not need to say just how this has effected everyone, nor do I even think I could deduce exactly what hidden effects this time has had on our mental health, the future for our children and how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

I, by nature, refer to myself as a “bludgeoner”. I do not consider myself particularly “talented”.

Talent is a natural gift, skill is hours and hours of working on your craft. Most of what I choose to do does not come naturally to me, but I’m glad or the struggle. Every song written, every note sung has been earned through years and years of repeating menial tasks and respecting the process.

Like so many of us, I have had setbacks over these months.

This encouraged me to do things that were “out of the ordinary” for me.

From being a renowned technophobe, I’m now more adept with useful hardware and software than ever.

I have thrown myself at the things I can control and do my very best to not concern myself too greatly with what I can’t. I’ve not sang this much or played my guitars so much in years!

As a consequence, my mental health has been in a far better state and I have progressed in new and exciting ways.

In this time of things being taken away from us, I would like to ask everyone to ask themselves just how they can GROW during this time.

If things are being taken away from you then have a look around and see if you can’t spend these extra hours learning a new skill. Maybe you are able to see a new need opening up in the market? Is this the time to finally read that personal development book you bought yourself 10 years ago?

Whatever it is, I am begging you to move towards it.

Please don’t look back at this time and say, “all I did was watch crap on the internet and gain weight”.

Progress is not a straight line and we only ever fail if we stop. Do not stop. You may have obstacles in your path and there may be long and winding roads to get around them so get on the path now.

I don’t believe that lockdown will be forever, and I don’t think anyone reading this does either, therefore we all believe this too will pass. When it does pass I not only want you all to be ready to claim what you want in this new world, but I also want you all to have achieved through adversity. Upskill in whatever way you can. There is so much free information out there now, so invest in yourselves. Life is short and it’s far too short to squander all the potential I know you all possess.


  • Gill

    September 27, 2020 (14:33) Reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, both by means of this blog and the videos that you post on Facebook. I think that you know from the many personal messages you receive what a positive influence you are having on us all. Your wise words and genuine care for others will create a legacy of inspiration and growth. ❤

  • Nieves Diaz

    September 27, 2020 (15:45) Reply

    Well , before I start I should say thanks for those gratefull words full of trully encouragement.
    But getting back to your blog ,in my opinion I would say it’s true that so many people took this pandemic as another …shall we call it weight to their bodies to use it as another excuse to just take it as a holiday break instead of realising that sometimes we need something like this as a wake up call to leave behind that fear and weakness that stop us from doing more things , from realising how capable we are of learning and achieving what we want. It’s easy to get in the comfort zone where we know what to do , same routine every day even knowing this is not bringing us any happyness but on the other hand it’s scary to leave that and try harder and sacrifice things to become a better us.
    Oh well , we should take this pandemic as a slap on the face , knowing that’s going to sound a bit too harsh for some of us .
    It is something that at the moment is going beyond our control but what we should actually focus is on developing skills that deep inside us we know we have and we didn’t want to put it on place because the effort and impact that it may have on us . Shall we call it fear? Shall we call it being cowards.. …
    We should take this opportunity as a chance to value us , leave that weakness behind and get the courage to learn new things .
    As you said , life is too short so let’s make the most of it and take advantage of all that we have to put it in place.
    Once again , keep doing what you are doing because it is a big impact in so many people’s lives. And once again, thanks for the wise words. You are a trully encouragement person who is actually helping a lot of people.

  • Lyn Ison

    September 27, 2020 (16:25) Reply

    This is a refreshingly honest, heartfelt and motivating blog – and you are leading by example as always. Thank you

  • Carol styles

    September 27, 2020 (17:01) Reply

    All i can say is wow!! Your wuse beyound your years,
    You inspire me ,motivate me to push and drive myself to get my jewellery page up and running .
    Because every word you said rang true ,No excuses time to bite the bullet and face my fear of failure and just go for it! In the end it doesn’t matter if i fail at least ill know i gave it my all ,Thank you just for being you .!x

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