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1 September 2020
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Why I Like Lady Gaga!

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I’m always sceptical when a new “pop princess” is born. Lady GaGa was no exception to the rule. I contemplated her longevity and quality of her music over time. In general, I try and not to judge before I have the facts. So when GaGa was in the dock, I was pleasantly surprised to find that what I was looking at and listening to was an all out entertainer. As far as pop music is concerned, I feel that she has an edge and a bite to her, that is empowering and has an honesty. This masquerades as unhinged, verging on portraying a broken and hopeless individual going their own way.

The familiarity of GaGa lies in some very choice members of her peer group. She is a queen of reinvention like Bowie, Madonna and Marilyn Manson. Closer to my musical dwelling, there are similarities linked to the mask wearers such as: KISS, Slipknot, Mudvayne etc. All of which have the ability to reinvent the visual and adopt new and exciting themes to engage with their audience, stay fresh and create much needed internal conflict among fans. GaGa does this with expert precision, keeping herself young in the eyes of her fan base and “new” with each step of her vibrant evolution.

Her performances are rivaled by few in the industry. They are spectacles full of the finest dancers, art, costumes and she sings live! In an industry plagued with lip-syncing since the the dawn of the “live TV performance”, it is as refreshing, as it is impressive, to see her moving and singing in a way that it fills me with hope that the pop industry will see her as an artists to aspire to – a beacon of high standards.



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